Window Replacement 101

There are so many reasons for replacing your windows. Maybe you have old, single pane windows that simply aren’t energy efficient. Or maybe you’ve had water damage that requires a complete replacement. Whatever the case, it’s helpful to understand the choices available so you can determine a good solution. Before you get started, here are some things you should know.


What is Window Glazing?

Most windows that you’ll be buying today are double-pane. That means they have two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a small gap between. This is what gives double-paned windows the barrier to prevent the transfer of extreme temperatures. And what makes all this super confusing to the average window shopper, no pun intended, is the term used to describe the number of panes is called glazing.

In some cases, windows may have a third layer of glass, which will then be referred to as triple-glazing. And there is often a layer of gas between the glass which further enhances the window’s ability to regulate energy. Argon and krypton (yes, Superman’s krypton) are most commonly used. But keep in mind, if your windows use krypton, they won’t give you super powers.

In all seriousness, choosing the glazing on your window will be an important step to making sure your replacement windows are energy efficient for your home.


Do You Need Tinting or other Coatings?

Other ways new windows are stepping up the efficiency game is by providing additional coatings or tints. For example, some have a reflective film which will block radiant heat and keep the internal temperature of your home more regulated. However, this creates more of a mirror effect than a window, so they are used sparingly in the home. And tints are exactly as you imagine, like the kinds used for cars.

One of the more common coatings is Low-E. It’s made up of microscopic particles which will suppress the heat flow through the window. This type of coating is best for areas where keeping a home heated properly in extreme winter weather, which is how winters in Minnesota are typically described.


What Kinds of Windows are Available?

There are, of course, all kinds of windows to choose from and we won’t belabor the point here. Your choice of window will depend on your personal preference. Types of windows include:

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Transom

And more. We recommend that you do some looking into window types to see what you like best and what matches your home’s architecture.


When Should You Replace Windows?

We could create an entirely different Window Replacement 201 course just to discuss the reasons. But there are a few common reasons that come up during the life of your home.

If you find that your window is damaged or warped, you’ll need to replace them. Damaged windows could lead to further problems, such as water leakage. Warped windows may close properly or won’t stay up when they’re open. This could lead to problems with your home security.

You may also want to replace your windows if it could help your home be more energy efficient. While the initial investment may seem expensive, you’ll save money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

You may also simply want to update the look of your home. Whatever the case, replacing your windows is a smart move to make.


Do you want to know more about replacing your windows? Core Exteriors can help you through the process, so call us today.

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