Why You Should Hire a GAF Master Elite Contracto

What do you do when you need a roof on your home? Do you search online for companies with good reviews? Do you contact friends and family in the area to find out who they went with? Did you know that there are programs available for roofing contractors to become certified? You may not realize that these programs exist to ensure that homeowners like you have an exceptional experience with contractors. The GAF Master Elite is just one of these programs and you can benefit from hiring contractors who have been trained and offer these products and services.

Licensed and Insured

In many states, it isn’t a requirement for a roofing contractor to be licensed. Anyone can show up with a ladder and a hammer and tear down or install your new roof. The good news for homeowners is that Minnesota does have a licensing requirement, but there is more to it than that. It isn’t a specific license for roofing and contractors and sub-contractors are categorized differently. This could lead to confusion about who is or is not doing the work on your home.
When a company like GAF creates a program like the Master Elite, the manufacturer is taking on the responsibility to ensure that your contractors are trained to install their roofing products.
In a state where licensing and insurance are required, a contractor applying to become Master Elite must have all the proper paperwork in place.

A Proven Reputation

By putting their name not only on the product but also the labor for installation, the company is backing every step of the process to ensure that homeowners have the best experience from start to finish.
That’s why GAF only works with contractors who have already established themselves in their community. Only the top contractors in the Minneapolis area and across the country can become Master Elite contractors through this program.

Response to Warranty Claims

Having the work of a Master Elite contractor backed by the manufacturer itself also give you peace of mind concerning the warranty. While working with this program doesn’t provide an extended warranty per se, it does offer additional protections that you may not get with other products or services.
What it does provide is a factory certified installation process. In this case, if there are issues with the installation and not just the product, the entire process is protected.

An Elite Group of Contractors

Core Exteriors has chosen, and been selected, to partner with GAF as our flagship product for our customer’s roofing needs. We know that we can obtain any shingle currently on the market, but we feel it’s important to provide consistent services and value.
We chose to become involved in the GAF Master Elite program after meeting with multiple manufacturers and vendors. We also took into account our real-world experience with a variety of products.
With the variety of products from GAF and what the Master Elite program offers, we believe they are the best product at the most competitive pricing on the market. We can put a GAF backed warranty on your roofing system to provide you with additional protection and peace of mind. Contact Core Exteriors today to learn more.