Difference between shingles
You might think that a shingle is a shingle is a shingle, but that’s not the entire truth when it comes to your roof. There are other things to take into consideration such as architectural versus 3-tab shingles. Or you may be wondering about the differences between asphalt and fiberglass. Your decision may not be as cut and dry as your originally thought. Before you decide on your next roof repair or replacement, here are some things you should know about the different kinds of shingles.


3-Tab Shingles

By far, these shingles are the most common and most affordable option. They’re made of asphalt materials and come in a variety of colors. They are lightweight and can last twenty years or more in the right weather conditions. However, they aren’t always right for every possible roofing job.

3-Tab shingles will have less of an aesthetic quality to them and since they are thin, they are more likely to experience damage or be blown off in harsh weather conditions. It does seem that many homeowners are choosing architectural shingles if they don’t have to restrict their roofing budget too much.


Dimensional Shingles

This option, one of two often classified as architectural shingles, is becoming much more common and in many cases replacing the 3-Tab shingles all around. They are extremely durable and can last thirty years or more. They will cost more up front than 3-Tab shingles, but the initial investment may be worth it if you’re concerned about their lifespan.

One of the reasons dimensional shingles are so durable is that they’re constructed with multiple layers of shingles providing added protection to your roof. They will also give your home a more architectural look, which can improve curb appeal.


Luxury Shingles

There is a third player on the shingle market today. Luxury shingles have a fantastic multi-layered look that really live up to their name. They are more expensive than the other asphalt shingle options but are designed to look like cedar shake or slate roofing options. They will, however, be much less expensive than the materials they are emulating.

They will be heavier than 3-Tab shingles, but that extra weight can also help them remain durable and last through harsh weather events. They will have a good, long, life if taken care of properly.


Shingle Material

When you hear asphalt and fiberglass in terms of shingle materials you may think that these are separate options. However, for those not in the roofing industry, it’s important to note that asphalt and fiberglass are words used interchangeably to describe the same type of shingle material. However, there have been alternatives besides the traditional asphalt shingles.

For example, organic shingles are made out of woodchips or recycled materials. But, it was discovered that these materials didn’t last as long as the fiberglass asphalt materials.


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