There are a lot of concerns here in Minneapolis area when it comes to weather. We have long, hard winters and an entire tornado season. But what happens when there’s hail? These ice balls from the sky can be tiny like peas or huge like baseballs and can cause all kinds of damage to your car, home, or roof. If you’ve experienced hail damage, you can rest easier knowing there are some steps you can take to make sure your home is repaired quickly and efficiently.

Inspect Your Roof

Depending on the height and pitch of your roof, you can start with a cursory self-inspection to see if there was any visual damage that would need immediate attention. Before you begin, make sure your ladder is in good working order and stable for you to climb and look. Don’t do this yourself if you have a sloping lot or an inaccessible roof.

If you are able to get to your roof to see damage, bring your camera or cell phone with you to take photos to show a contractor.

Otherwise, call a professional in to help out. In fact, many contracting companies are happy to offer a free inspection. Contact them right away if you’re concerned about hail damage.

Call a Contractor

Whether you need a more professional inspection or you’ve spotted issues with your roof yourself, the next step is to call in a roofing company. In truth, even if you didn’t see anything that might cause concern, you may still want to get a professional opinion.

Contact a reliable roofing company with an excellent rating to help with the inspection and repair process. They will know what to look for and help you determine the right solution moving forward.

Call Your Insurance Company

Of course, if you have hail damage it’s important that you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. Don’t wait to report a claim as this can slow down the process and create unnecessary delays in repair or payment. In fact, too much time between the storm and the report may cause your insurance company to deny the claim all together.

However, you should also be aware that there are scams out there. Storm chasers often prey on homeowners after big storms by coming in and using high pressure sales tactics to convince homeowners on services they don’t necessarily need. If someone knocks on your door after such an incident, don’t give them your business but call a reliable local contractor instead to verify any information.

Determine the Best Solution

Damage to your home after a hail storm can come in many forms. The hail may have damaged your gutters, roof vents, and shingles. You may also find damage to your air condition unit. You can work with your local contractor to determine if these issues can be easily repaired or if there might need to be more extensive work done due to the type of damage your home has sustained.

To learn more about what to do, talk with the team at Core Exteriors about hail damage and repair in the Twin Cities area.