Renewable Energy in Home Construction

Renewable energy is getting a lot of press these days. While Earth Day, every April 22, brings it back into the discussion it’s also something that is top of mind for many Americans all year long. Renewable energy on a small scale has improved greatly over the last few years making some options more accessible and affordable for home use than before. But what do you need to know about renewable energy at home when it comes to remodeling and construction? Here are some of the top trends.

GAF Is Leading the Charge

The company GAF has launched their solar roofing product called DecoTech. These sleek, productive panels offer an alternative to the large, unwieldy solar panels that have been the standard for years. The larger, more expensive technology is quickly being replaced and GAF is looking to be an affordable and effective long term solution for homeowners and construction companies alike.

Homeowners no longer have to choose between curb appeal and energy efficiency when they work with a trained DecoTech installer to add this technology to their own homes.

Tesla and Advanced Technology

There are other players in the market. Now a household name, Tesla is the company, run by Elon Musk, currently working on a number of different technological advancements. Tesla is a leader in the private space race and has cornered the market on luxury electric cars. But those advancements are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tesla’s contribution to the leading edge of eco-technology.

Tesla has also broken new ground in energy with the world’s largest battery currently situated in the Australian outback. This super powered battery is connected to a windfarm and the area’s grid, which allows it to power around 30,000 homes in the South Australian state for short periods during power outages. The company is also expected to provide solar roofing to 50,000 homes in the state.

Solar Roofing

So what is Solar Roofing? In the case of GAF’s technology, these are both visually appealing roofing materials that also collect the energy of the sun to use as power in the home. Their solar roof integrates with the power grid allowing for homes to generate and store their own energy.

There are a lot of things to consider before taking the leap into solar roofing. Several companies offer variations on the technology. But GAF is pushing hard to be at the forefront of the industry.

Is It Practical?

The architectural aesthetic of your home won’t be compromised when installing this solar roofing materials. The installation doesn’t require the punching of holes in the existing roof structure or using unsightly deterrents to keep pests away.

Is it Affordable?

Of course, with any major technology like this, there are often questions about affordability at the ground level. There are many options for purchasing the GAF DecoTech solar panels. And it’s important to keep these aspects in mind when taking the plunge.

  • Cost: The cost of the roof will be based size of the home and extent of the system.
  • Value: Calculating the start-up cost is only the tip of the iceberg. The long term savings on power will also play a role in the savings.
  • Tax credit: Keep in mind that the technology does qualify for the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit. Though there may be other tax implications to consider as well.

Taking a look at companies like GAF is a good start. You can also consider the technology from other companies, such as Tesla, before deciding on what is right for your home.

Before you make a choice, talk with the team at Core Exteriors to learn more about solar power in construction and residential homes in the Twin Cities area.