Master Flow® Attic Ventilation & Accessory Products

Master Flow® Attic Ventilation & Accessory Products

(not covered under Lifetime Roofing System Warranty)

Master Flow Roof LouversMaster Flow®
Roof Louvers
(Attic Exhaust Vents) 

A complete line of quality options for those who prefer roof louvers (or where existing roof louvers are being replaced).

MasterFlow Solar-Powered Roof VentMaster Flow® Green Machine™ High-Power Solar Roof Vent – Available in Solar & Dual-Powered Models (Attic Exhaust Vent) 
Helping to reduce attic cooling costs, this next generation vent combines increased airflow with excellent aesthetics

MasterFlow Solar-Powered Roof exhaust VentMaster Flow®
Green Machine™
Solar-Powered EcoSmart Roof Vent
(Attic Exhaust Vent) 

Removes damaging heat and moisture from your attic… without the need for an electrical connection.

Master Flow Power Roof VentilatorsMaster Flow®
Power Attic Ventilators – Roof Mount
(Attic Exhaust Vents) 

Help exhaust the greatest volume of hot and/or humid air from the attic vs. conventional attic exhaust vents.

Master Flow Power Gable VentilatorsMaster Flow®
Power Attic Ventilators – Gable Mount
(Attic Exhaust Vents) 

Typically the easiest power vents to install and will not detract from the look of the finished roof.

Master Flow Rotary Turbine VentsMaster Flow®
Rotary Turbine Vents
(Attic Exhaust Vents) 

Designed with upper and lower stainless steel bearing systems for years of trouble-free operation on the roof.

Master Flow Green Machine Dual PoweredMaster Flow®
Green Machine™
Dual-Powered EcoSmart Roof Vent
(Attic Exhaust Vent) 

Removes damaging heat and moisture from your attic whether the sun is out or not!

Master Flow Solar Powered Roof Intake BoosterMaster Flow®
Green Machine™
EcoSmart Ridge Vent
(Attic Exhaust Vent) 

Provides increased airflow over typical ridge vents, turbines, and roof louvers to help reduce hot or moist air in your attic.

Master Flow Aluminum Ridge VentsMaster Flow®
10′ Aluminum
Ridge Vent
(Attic Exhaust Vent) 

Made of durable aluminum construction with built-in baffle for reliable performance on the roof.

Master Flow Soffit/Undereave VentsMaster Flow®
Soffit/Undereave Vent
(Attic Intake Vent) 

Easy-to-install options for providing critical attic intake ventilation at the soffit or undereave areas of the roof.

Master Flow EmberShieldMaster Flow®EmberShield® Closeable Soffit Vent (Attic Intake Vent) 
Helps prevent wildfire embers from being drawn into the attic.

Master Flow Solar Powered Roof Intake BoosterMaster Flow®
Green Machine™
Solar-Powered Intake Booster Vent
(Attic Intake Vent)
Perfect for houses with insufficient soffit ventilation.  Installs without an electrical connection.

Master Flow Gable LouverMaster Flow®
Gable Louvers
(Intake or Exhaust Vents) 

Flush and recessed-mount vents for gable wall and other hard-to-ventilate areas.

Master Flow Foundation VentsMaster Flow® Foundation Vents (Foundation/Crawl Space Vents) 
Solutions to help remove damaging moisture from the foundation area of the home.

Master Flow Whole House FansMaster Flow®
House Fans 

Smart energy savers for any climate where air conditioning costs are a concern.

MasterFlow Chimney/Roof Caps & Other AccessoriesMaster Flow®
Roof Caps & Other Accessories 

A wide array of goose neck vents, roof caps, jacks, and flashings, as well as moss and mildew preventers and other accessories.

Master Flow Safety Caps for ChimneysMaster Flow® Safety Caps
for Chimneys 

Provide protection against dangerous sparks while reducing downdrafts, clogging, soot, and creosote build-up.

Other Residential Roofing Products & Accessories (Not Part Of The Lifetime Roofing System)

Three-Tab Strip Shingles

Affordable, basic protection for projects on a limited budget.

Low-Slope Membrane Roofing

Protect porches, carports, and other low-slope roofing areas with a quality membrane roofing system.

MasterFlow® Attic Ventilation

MasterFlow® Attic Ventilation offers a wide array of ventilation solutions designed for virtually any climate.

Roof Accessory Paint

GAF ShingleMatch™ Roof Accessory Paint will help to hide unsightly protrusions on the roof including vent pipes, exhaust vents, etc.

Masonry Sealer

Masonex Clear Masonry Sealer repels moisture on above-grade, vertical masonry surfaces

Nail Base Roof & Wall Insulation

ThermaCal® Roof & Wall Insulation Panels insulate and ventilate (select models), while serving as a nailable base for roof coverings and siding


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