how to hire a roofing contractor

If you need work on your siding or roofing or other home improvement projects, where do you start to find qualified contractors in your area? Most people ask friends and family or do a Google search and look at reviews. But what if there were more steps to selecting contractors? Having peace of mind when it comes to your home and the safety of your family is paramount. Before you get started, check out these tips for how to hire a contractor in the Twin Cities.


Start with Recommendations

Of course, recommendations from friends and neighbors aren’t a bad thing. It helps to get started with some ideas from others who have had work done recently. Ask people you trust about who they have used in the past and make a list.

You should also take some time to see how strangers recommend services. The internet, for better or worse, has changed the way we interact with one another and that has been a big win for determining information about contractors. Read online reviews of a few different companies before moving on to the next step.


Conduct Interviews

Next, settle on five or so companies to call and talk to on the phone. Learn more about their overall process and products. Talk to them in general about your problem. They will want to come out and see the full scope before committing to anything, but you can get a good feel about how they work just by talking to them on the phone.

If you get a good feeling about the company, add them to your consultation list. If they’re unresponsive or treat you like you’re inconveniencing them, move on to the next call.


Schedule a Meeting

The in-person consultation is also a great way to determine if they’re be a good fit for your project. They’ll come out and have a look at the work that needs to be done. From here, you can determine who will actually do the work. Sometimes, it’s the same person or team you meet with or they may send other employees or subcontractors.

If you feel pressured, this may be a red flag. Most contractors will understand that you want to gather information before making a decision.


Ask for Bids

You will want to have your top choices provide bids for the work you need done. These bids should be itemized to a degree so you can see what is going toward materials and what is going toward labor. It might not be broken down item by item, but something to help you get a better idea of what the cost covers.

Also, don’t allow the price to be your only consideration. There is truth to the old adage that you get what you pay for. Choosing the lowest price service may not be in the best interest of your project. Keep it in mind, but evaluate other aspects.


Get a Contract in Place

Once you select your contractor, don’t just seal it with a handshake. Make sure a contract is in place and review it thoroughly before signing it. Keep the contract handy where you can consult it in the event of a question or concern.

A contract is there to protect you. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve come into a project where a contract was not in place and a previous contractor did poor work or simply didn’t complete it at all. If a company won’t sign a contract, that’s a warning sign.


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