Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Can You Offer Emergency Services?
A: Absolutely!  Core Exteriors provides 24/7 emergency services after all weather events.  We will tarp roofs, seal siding, remove trees and debris off homes, and can walk you through each step of the insurance process to ensure your taken care of!

Q: How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?
A: Storm damage is not always obvious. Many property owners fail to file an insurance claim because the homeowner does not recognize the signs of storm damage. Some damage, such as cracked siding, broken windows, or missing shingles is obvious from the ground. Hail damage can be harder to see from the lower elevations or if you don’t know the key signs. Core Exteriors has a staff of prior insurance adjusters ready to inspect your home and help you through the insurance process if a claim is warranted. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Q: Can You File My Claim For Me?
A: Simply put, No. Insurance companies require the homeowner to file the claim for storm damage. Core Exteriors will work hand-in-hand with the insurance company to ensure your home is restored to better than new condition and the call typically only lasts 5 minutes!

Q: Should I Have A Contractor Attend The Insurance Adjuster’s Inspection?
A: Absolutely. We highly recommend having one of our qualified contractors present during your home inspection with the insurance company. Our storm damage experts will do a thorough walk through of your home’s exterior with the insurance adjuster to ensure no damages are missed during inspection. Two sets of eyes are always better than one, and remember that our set of eyes is on your side.

Q: How Much Will I Have To Pay For the Repairs?
A: When it comes to insurance work, the only out of pocket expense you will incur is your deductible. As long as you have replacement cost coverage on your insurance policy the insurance company will pay in full to bring you up to whole on any covered part of your home that was damaged.

Q: How Does Core Exteriors Receive Payment?
A: The insurance company will mail the insurance payments to the homeowner in a few payments depending on the extent of coverage. Each check will be made payable to the homeowner and the mortgage company (if applicable). The check will need to be endorsed by both parties and then made payable to Core Exteriors.

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Why Choose Core Exteriors

Core Exteriors provides premium roofing, gutter, and siding solutions to homes throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. We are committed to delivering on our CORE values. By focusing on integrity, efficiency, and the highest quality products and services, we make sure your job gets done right the first time.

Certified Personnel

Our highly qualified staff pride themselves on knowing the industry inside and out. That includes keeping up with the latest and greatest products!


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We only install the highest quality materials backed by a high quality warranty!


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We take pride in spending time with our customers to fully understand your needs and allowing us to deliver the results you deserve.


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Our crews have over 14 years of experience, and with experience comes proficiency, accuracy, and quality.

Delivering on our CORE values.

By focusing on integrity, efficiency, and the highest quality products and services, we make sure your job gets done right the first time.