6 Signs You Need New Windows

Sep 10, 2018

What’s that draft? Is that water on your kitchen floor? Is that the right number of zeroes on your energy bill?

There are so many signs that you might need new windows, but how can you tell when its real or when you’re letting your imagination run away with you? Before you sink your savings into a brand-new set of windows, here are some signs to look for to determine if new windows will help your home and your peace of mind.


  1. You’re Spending Too Much Money on Heating or Cooling

Does it feel like money is literally flying out the window in the wintertime? How much are your energy bills once the weather turns cold. And when the winters are long and hard, like in Minneapolis, this financial hit can last quite some time.

But you may not need to spend quite that much money to heat your home. If you have older windows, they simply may not be able to keep up with the task. Newer windows are designed to be energy efficient and the cost of replacing them will pay off in the long term when you see lower energy bills all year long.


  1. You Can’t Open or Close Them with Ease

If you struggle opening or closing your windows, it’s time for something new. Windows that don’t close all the way are not only an issue for heating and cooling but can also create a home security problem.

Or maybe you try to open the window but they slide back down. If you need something to hold your windows up, it’s time to replace them.


  1. That Storm Really Caused Some Damage

Big storms that include destructive hail or heavy snows are not uncommon in the Twin Cities. But it’s not just your roof that can take the brunt of the damage.

Your windows may also have issues from nature’s destruction. Make sure to have them inspected after a weather event that may have caused damage to your roof or your car. If you overlook this problem, it could become worse in the future.


  1. You Notice Water Where Water Doesn’t Belong

Is there pooling on the floor by your window? If so, you may have some damage that needs to be addressed. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have rot or wood damage in the windows. Make sure to check them out and replace them as necessary.

Not addressing this issue can lead to major issues, such as mold or structural problems within your walls. You want to be sure to get it taken care of right away.


  1. The Neighborhood is Keeping You Awake at Night

Vroom. Vroom. Vroom. Beep, beep, beep. Cars, sirens, alarms and more can keep you awake all night long. And you may be thinking this is just the cost of living near population centers, but that’s not true. The quality of your windows can make a difference.

Newer windows will keep your home quieter. You won’t hear every sound that happens out in the streets and can sleep easier.


  1. You Just Don’t Like the Old Ones Any More

Let’s not discount the cosmetics of your home. If you’re redesigning the interior, or exterior, of your home, your old windows may not be a fit with the look. It’s totally okay to replace windows when you simply don’t like the way they look currently.

However, when you do this, you also get the added benefits of new, energy efficient windows. It’ll be worth it in the long run not only to have windows you love but to see the savings long term.


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